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Author Kayla Perrin talks about sex, writing, and OBSESSION! September 30, 2008

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Today at All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP), we end September with one final juicy taste of our SEX & WRITING discussion as best-selling author Kayla Perrin offers us a glimpse into her latest novel, OBSESSION!

When Sophie Gibson’s husband confesses to an affair, she is enraged and devastated. And when her husband suggests that she settle the score by having an affair of her own, Sophie isn’t interested.  But soon the idea of sex as payback intrigues her, and out on the town she meets Peter. She soon begins an affair with him, but Peter’s love turns obsessive. And when Sophie ends their affair, Peter won’t take no for an answer. Because if he can’t have her, no one can.

So, what does Kayla think about sex and writing?  Head over to ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE today to read her take, and check out the OBSESSION excerpt!

Also, make sure to check out authors Will Belegon, Rachelle Chase, Lauren Dane, and Zetta Brown on AtBaP, too, as they both offer their thoughts on sex & writing!

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Author Will Belegon Talks SEX & WRITING Today! September 29, 2008

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Today at All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP), we finally bring you a MAN’S perspective on SEX & WRITING as erotic author Will Belegon holds court.

For the month of September, AtBaP authors are talking about SEX; here’s the question that was posed:  Is sex an important component to develop in your writing? How are you able to weave it into a work AND also have a strong plot development?

Sex is a primary force,
Will states. It always will be. So it can be used as motivation and therefore be intricately tied to plot. And of course, in erotica, sex may actually be the plot.

Sex is also a very good way to reveal character. A Romeo Void song from the eighties says “I might like you better if we slept together” but in writing I use a variant. I might know you better if we slept together. A person or character who is literally naked is often metaphorically so as well. Small actions can be magnified to reveal larger truths. For example, think of the differences that can be revealed by a light switch. In many situations, the most you might be able to reveal about a character through the use of a light switch is whether or not they feel it is important to conserve energy. (Of course, having said this I can now think of many other ways to use it… but we’ll address that another time.)

What ELSE does Will have to say about sex and writing? Head over to ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE today to read the rest of his response, and check out an excerpt of his latest work!

Also, make sure to check out authors Rachelle Chase, Lauren Dane, and Zetta Brown on AtBaP, too, as they both offer their thoughts on sex & writing!

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I Laugh at Your Thought of Killing Me September 27, 2008

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“For these reasons the Jews seized me in the temple and tried to kill me. Therefore, having obtained help from God, to this day I stand, witnessing both to small and great, saying no other things than those which the prophets and Moses said would come – ” Acts 26:21-22, NKJV

To the one called Devil,

Now, I laugh at your thought of killing me. You’ve tried so many times in the past – used so many people to trample me, to destroy me, only to see me rise yet again, brighter and better than ever.

You used my father against me before I was even born. He didn’t want anything to do with my mother or the bastard seed, me, that grew in her. For years, I would wonder what I missed about myself, what part of me was him, and then I realized that my true Father was there before that human thought to lie his way between my mother’s legs.

You used my stepfather against me to be that living breathing example of a horrible man so that I would never want to deal with men, never want to have a relationship with men for fear of them turning into a drunken shell of a man who used fists and words to control. But you didn’t know that He had my back and provided me with a grandfather that all men should emulate, that He provided me with uncles that would show me how real Black men act. You didn’t know, most of all, that He was the only man I truly needed because He would show me all the goodness that my stepfather did not and could not possess.

You used my cousin’s boyfriend’s friend against me to take from me – with force – my most special gift: my virginity, and by him doing that, I traveled down a dark path of self-destruction, low self-esteem, self-hatred, and loneliness. You thought I was through. Hell, I thought I was through, too. We BOTH forgot that He was there, beside me, inside me, growing, moving, pushing me forward when I couldn’t lift my head let alone my feet to move out of the darkness.

You used my ex-boyfriend against me to seal the deal in my hate of men by having him love me, by having him make me fall head over heels in love with him, by making me believe that love could come my way, that I – broken woman – could find love just for me, and then have him tell me I wasn’t good enough – that I bored him. I’ll admit it. I’ll give you props. You obliterated my very core. You sliced through arteries; you bled me out with this. For a lifetime of pain inflicted upon me by men would culminate to this point as I was just shy of my 30th birthday. You made me realize that I would have to be alone – that no man in his right mind would ever want me. And I believed it. And I lived it. And I breathed it.

And I pushed Him away. After all this time, after all this life, after all this existing, again, I was hurt, and this time, I was ready to die. I was ready to simply exist in a world where love was something I would see for others and never for myself. And I lived that life for years, feeling the yawn of loneliness, the ache of hysterical solitude dwell within me.

And then I fell into Him again. And one day, one typical, normal morning, as I brushed my teeth, He whispered in my ear, “You are beautiful. You are everything wonderful that I could make. No one shall ever take away the strength that resides in your pinky let alone the marvelous vessel that is your body.”

I heard Him. I saw the shine in my face, the glow in my cheeks, the spark in my eyes, the upward curl of my mouth, and I knew…and He did, too, that my death on earth was over, and your time of trying to kill me had ceased – indefinitely.

But you’re good – you’re so good at dismantling lives and driving people away from the Light, away from the beautiful lives that could so easily be theirs if they only believed.

You did it to me.

And you continue to try to do it to me. You see me believing in love and wanting love now, and you hit me with hate from my family. You see me flirting at a guy or having whimsical dreams, and you hit me with career issues. You see me trying to look cute to attract attention, and you hit me with rejection letter after rejection letter.

You see me overcoming one of the biggest obstacles in my life – my love for self – and you know that the minute I truly conquer it, your reign is over, for I shall prosper in everything once I have love of self and the love of someone else.

And I know you won’t stop. You can’t stop. You hurt like me, too. You’re lonely, and you’re angry, and you’re hateful, and you’re spiteful, and if you can’t have everything, then no one can have anything.

I get it. And I know you won’t stop.

And just so you know – I won’t either. I won’t stop because I’m fighting for my life and my destiny, and now that I know and I believe that no weapons shall prosper against me, there’s nothing you can do.

I won’t bleed for your enjoyment anymore.


I have a new column: THE WRITE LIFE FOR YOU September 22, 2008

Becoming a Lifelong Learner of the Craft of Writing

By author, editor, educator Shon Bacon aka ChickLitGurrl™

About The Write Life for You (TWL4U)

Featured on APOOO Books

The Write Life for You (TWL4U) is a monthly column that focuses on the nuts and bolts of writing creatively.  So many of us have ideas for stories, and so many of us put ideas to page and develop short stories, novellas, and novels.  However, many of us have no idea how to care for our literary babies with correct grammar, mechanics, and storytelling skills once that first draft is done.  That’s what TWL4U is for – to offer, through short articles, advice on such issues as camping vs. marching, taglines, plot, characterization, dialogue, and punctuation.  The writing life is not quick – it is a lifelong journey to study the craft of writing, to learn the rules of the English language (so that you can eloquently break them!), and to better your writing with each new piece you develop.

There is also the opportunity for readers to contact Shon and ask questions; your questions and Shon’s comments could become upcoming features on TWL4U.

Check out the premier article [LINK] – WHAT’S YOUR STORY ABOUT – and come back every first of the month!


ChickLitGurrl Talks CELEBRITY SKIN with Author Liane Bonin

ChickLitGurrl Talks CELEBRITY SKIN with Author Liane Bonin!

Liane Bonin has written thousands of articles for publications such as People, Teen, Mademoiselle, and Entertainment Weekly, and today @ ChickLitGurrl: High on LATTES & WRITING, she talks to CLG about her debut novel, CELEBRITY SKIN.

Nowadays, Taylor Christensen is gorgeous, rich, and one of the biggest stars around, but the day Erin Kim met her, Taylor was on the middle school D-list, with the headgear to prove it. Erin, under her own stress from her traditional Koreanborn parents who don’t want her to change, was there for Taylor when she needed a friend way back when, and she was there for her when the braces came off and the whole world noticed.

Sure, Taylor had the “it” Hollywood was looking for, but someone had to help her deal with the ups and downs of superstardom. Erin didn’t mind-especially since it helped her get her mind off some tough problems at home. Through it all, Erin was Taylor’s one true friend. But as Erin watches her best friend self-destruct, she knows that telling Taylor the truth about what she’s become could end their friendship once and for all.

Interview Excerpt

CLG: Since the release of CELEBRITY SKIN, have you had any celebrities wonder if you’re writing about them within the pages of your fiction?

LB: No one’s asked me directly , but when I do interview celebrities, I don’t mention the book, and they don’t, either. I think we’re all operating on a don’t ask-don’t tell policy! I think it could be pretty awkward for all involved.

CLG: What is one of the overall goals you have in developing this series?

LB: Everyone who reads Us Weekly or TMZ thinks they know all the dirt on Hollywood, but that’s really just the surface. I wanted to show people why celebrities go spinning out of control, and shine a spotlight on not just the glam our, but the challenges, too.

To learn more about Liane and CELEBRITY SKIN, head over to CHICKLITGURRL: high on LATTES & WRITING!

ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING
Chocolate-caramel lattes + Women writers = ONE GREAT TIME!

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Teen Pregnancy? Are You Writing a Book on IT? September 20, 2008

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I have an author/pubber friend who is looking for someone who has written or is in the midst of writing a book on teen pregnancy.  She’s looking for quick turnaround on the project because she wants to see it out in early 2009.

If you are…or know someone who is, reply, 🙂


Author Rachelle Chase holds CLASS on how to make your writing sexy! September 19, 2008

Today at All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP), Rachelle Chase, author of SIN CLUB, holds class as she talks about sex and writing…and offers a little contest to those who can pen some sexy stuff, too!

For the month of September, AtBaP authors are talking about SEX; here’s the question that was posed:  Is sex an important component to develop in your writing? How are you able to weave it into a work AND also have a strong plot development?

Rachelle begins her discussion by stating, “I write erotic romance, so sex is VERY important. The way I weave it into the story and have strong plot development is by making sex a part of the story.

When my characters are doing nonsexual things or are talking about nonsexual things, there are sexual undertones. When my characters are having sex, the sex is moving the story forward – meaning, the hero and heroine are bringing their baggage, fears, dreams, etc. into the bedroom – and after sex, both are changed in some way. This change sends them down a new path, until their new beliefs about themselves are challenged up to and during the next sex scene, which then starts another change-and-down-a-new page chain of events, and so on. Until all the necessary change has occurred and my characters have become “new” people at the end.”

What ELSE does Rachelle have to say about sex, writing, and her novel?  Head over to ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE today to read the rest of her response…and see how YOU can win a copy of SIN CLUB…and another gift, 🙂

Also, make sure to check out authors Lauren Dane and Zetta Brown on AtBaP, too, as they both offer up their thoughts on sex & writing!

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