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I talk about POV @ APOOO Books! March 2, 2009

Filed under: The Write Life for You — Shon @ 12:54 pm

This month, I continue my “The Write Life for You” series @ APOOO Books with a talk on Point of View.

What is POV? What are types of POV? Which are effective for “what” stories? Can you mix POVs in a story?

I talk about all these things in the article — check it out, and leave a comment! Let me know you stopped by.

APOOO Books – [link]


2 Responses to “I talk about POV @ APOOO Books!”

  1. lovebabz Says:

    Hello Sister!

    You know I am going to want you to come back on LoveTALK! To talk about what you know best…writing and connecting with writers 😉

    I hope youa re well and in good spirits!


  2. Hey there, Sweetie, 🙂

    I’m good..busy as all get out. I’ll definitely be back on the show!

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