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EMPTY SWINGS is DONE! August 1, 2008

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I am so unbelievably stoked right now. I just wrote the final words to EMPTY SWINGS. I’m sad and happy.

Madison, my main character, has been with me since 2003/2004.  She starred in a short story at the time – a short story that would give me my second best fiction workshop.

I had thought about her – off and on – since then, and when I decided to write a Christian novel, her story came back to me, and I decided she deserved more room to grow.

And that she did.

She grew into a friend and a story that I’m pretty proud to have written.

I loved her, the little town of Whispering Pines with its Soap Opera Washateria and colorful characters.

Something tells me that though this is the end of Madison’s story, I’m not done with Whispering Pines and its assorted characters.

Off to do a happy happy joy joy dance and smile a little bit, 🙂



BEYOND GIDDY, and I can’t wait until the day when writing becomes my full-time profession. These last two weeks have been KICK ASS for me. Since I’ve created my calendar and have adhered to it, I have kept myself actually almost a week ahead of schedule. Today, here it is, a little before seven, and I’ve done my writing for today – 3,000 words. I have two more chapters to write of EMPTY SWINGS! My goal was to have it done by NEXT Saturday….yeah, It’ll be done by MONDAY for sure. 🙂

Then it’s on to working on the synopsis (thank God I wrote an outline so that can help there) and put together my query letter (which I’ve been making notes on), and revise the first three chapters…then the novel before I put it out there.

Something tells me this is one of the novel – it’ll be one that somebody will finally say, This is good, and I want to publish it. Not to knock my other stuff because I LOVE everything I’ve written, and in regards to literature, many of those pieces are much stronger, but this one…*nodding*…it’s writing itself…scratch that, God’s writing it, and He don’t make no junk! LOL


Getting My Write On June 29, 2008

Yesterday, my drill sergeant appeared.

Most people know me as a DRILL SERGEANT. When I edit clients’ manuscripts, when I instruct writers in WRITERS BOOT CAMP, when I help friends with their writing, I’m the drill sergeant – the person who is constantly calling or e-mailing to see how the writing is coming…berating when necessary.

Well, my bestest friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD has moved back to Lake Chuck, and yesterday, she got on me. Demanded that I write, and I did – writing 6,000 words on my new project, EMPTY SWINGS. Bestest Friend is MY drill sergeant, so I’m stoked to have her permanently back in my life like that!

Another great thing to occur recently – yesterday, I received my Creative Screenwriting magazine, and there were two articles that sparked me as a writer: one discussed pitching TV originals and the second discussed the selling of spec screenplays. Both, very positive, sparked me to change my writing goals for the year a bit.

Right now, I’m reading and rereading a lot of book written by and about Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Anne Sexton, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Toni Morrison. The goal? To work on a big literary project in the fall for NanoWrimo.

After reading the articles, I decided to continue reading, but do my project over my Christmas break. For NanoWrimo, I’ll be working on two screenplays so that I can get more of them under my belt. I have my six-episode miniseries and now my THE PROBLEM WITH BEING HAPPY script, which I plan to edit in the middle of July. I decided to adapt a novel I wrote and to do a new project in November.

I’m stoked….you never really know WHERE your inspiration will come…you just have to be OPEN to receiving it from literally, ANYWHERE!