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Get Your LIFE @ SisterDivas Magazine! November 3, 2008

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Over @ SisterDivas Magazine’s LIFE column, we’re talking about beauty secrets, fall wines, job searches, and modeling and music!

Fall and winter seasons lead to several holidays. Beauty expert Debora Routhe joins ALL THAT GLITTERS columnist Melodye Shore with her latest article, BEAUTY SECRETS FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON!

Many people love fall – the colors of nature grow vibrant, and the weather gets cooler. What better time to sit some place warm and take in a glass of wine? L. Denise Jackson, better known as The Sipping Sommelier here @ SisterDivas, gives us her choice wine selections in her latest column, Fall Wine Tips during the Recession—Part 1!

This issue, SD welcomes Roxanne Ravenel – author, podcast host, and job search coach. Take a lot inside Roxanne’s life, and read her article, How Working Mothers Can Prepare for a Successful Job Search.

Everywoman Nicole M. Stevenson interviews another everywoman – singer, model, writer, inspiration Sharon Quinn who talks about her career and her passion!

Head to SISTERDIVAS now (at LIFE) to check out our interviews and articles!

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The Lull between the End of a Project and the Beginning of a New Project June 1, 2008

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Well, since I finished my screenplay about five days ago, I’ve been very sluggish. It’s been surreal. It’s like a literally lost half of every breath I take. I did nothing, literally. I sat around, hours on end, mindlessly staring off into space, thinking or mindlessly watching TV but not really watching TV — you know what I’m talking about.

I began to think it was the writing blues infiltrating me – that moment when I think I suck, that no one will ever like my writing, that I’m wasting time and energy on something that will never come to fruition. In fact, I thought this so fully, so completely that I began to believe it, and it comatosed me even further.

When I’m in one of these moments for REAL, I can’t function in the real world. See, for me, writing is the breaths I take. It’s corny, and I always have to preface the following statement with “I know this is corny to say,” but I truly believe writing is a talent given to me by God. It’s something I must do. It’s something I’ve always done since before I received my first diary and began writing soap opera scripts in it. Not only do I know that writing is a God-given talent to me, but I also wholeheartedly believe that it’s a talent that is supposed to support me. It’s to be a major means in which I affect change in the world…and also “live” in the earthly world (meaning, PAY THE BILLS).

When I’m in a funk, my face shows it, my bouncy walk deflates, “don’t” and “can’t” embed themselves into my conversations, everything in my life seems pointless.

Here I was, happy that I finished the screenplay a week ahead of time. This meant that I could begin working on a new novel I planned to submit to a specific imprint. I couldn’t do it. My brain was stuck on NUMB.

Yesterday, I reached my breaking point; I was scared, thinking, This is now or never. If I didn’t get off my ass and freaking WRITE, I might as well give it up. So, I ate, drank me some water, listened to some uplifting music, prayed, and sat right in front of the laptop. By the end of the night, I cranked out the first chapter of the new novel. It began to return to me.

I’m not sure what was wrong with me: maybe I was tired from cranking about 40+ pages of the script in last than a few days; maybe the semester coming to an end finally sent me to my “done” moment and I just needed a break; maybe I just needed time in between works – after all, they are two VERY different types of stories…I don’t know WHAT the real “wrong” is…but I do know that when this lull…this moment hits you, you have to keep going. Let the moment fall from you, and move on. Don’t let the moment linger too long, or it will keep you numb and frozen to writing the next something.

Writing is all about keeping the motion forward when you find yourself in a LULL…keep on keeping on…