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Breaking Through… May 12, 2008

This weekend, somehow…some way…creativity reared its magnificent head, and I managed to get 20 pages of my screenplay written. Is it good? I have absolutely no idea, but it’s there, and I couldn’t be more happy.

I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. I took out the pages I previously wrote and reread them. I took out my loose treatment and read through it. I found where I left off, and I paused. I thought for a good ten, fifteen minutes – TV off, cell phone on mute, iPod off…and just thought about my characters and the storyline. Next thing I know, it’s 7 in the morning, the sun is leaking through the blinds, and I had trudged through 15 pages of the script.

That was Saturday.

Last night, I wrote another five pages.

Today, I have worked my freaking ass off here on campus and managed to do all my “work” work…at work, so I hope to get into a new scene today.
Wish me luck!


When Creativity Knocks… May 9, 2008

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…one should obviously answer the door, right? Well, I’d think that, too, but the last 16 weeks have been a major rollercoaster in my life, and unfortunately, my writing…my creativity has taken a MAJOR backseat to life’s goings on.

I’m hoping to rectify that soon. My brain already knows that the semester is winding down, and it’s already beginning to spawn more ideas for me to work on…now, I need some quiet time to actually sit, think, and try to write.

This is supposed to be my passion, the real reason I feel like I was placed on this earth. If that’s the case, then aren’t I doing a disservice by sitting on my ass and doing nothing?

I think so. Time to get some work done, guys. My destiny is calling.