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Screenwriting + Pure Hilarity = Brian Spaeth March 16, 2009

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For the month of March, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is going to the big screen…and center stage as we talk to screenwriters and playwrights!

Last month, the hilarious and talented writer Brian Spaeth came to AtBaP for an interview, and this month he’s back to talk about screenwriting and the upcoming project 2WO G2N G2Y!


2WO G2N G2Y tells the story of a man with no memory, no name, and two guns.

Embroiled in an international revenge plot between a pair of secret, international revenge seeking organizations, who are international and want revenge, he must rely on the only things that his body remembers how to do – be really tough and use two guns at once.

He wears four belts.

2WO G2N G2Y is a 30-part web series, which is made exclusively to be online, on the internet. Told in 30 parts, it’s for the web. It’s broadband, how you like it – online.

What does it all mean? The internet is officially on fire. More on fire than anything as ever been ever.

Check out the trailer!

For the month of March, I asked SEVERAL questions. When I asked, What three things should writers/filmmakers have in their arsenal if they want to heighten their chances of success, Spaeth replied:

a) Multiple Ideas – You need to be seen as an ongoing revenue stream for anyone you’re working with, i.e. agents, producers, etc., and also – sometimes the throw-away idea you think is garbage might be the one someone else sees as gold.

b) Humility/Muzzle – Know when to shut up and listen, even when the person talking to you has no idea what they’re talking about. Telling them they’re an imbecile does you know favors, and nobody likes a pretentious artist.

c) Knowledge – Read as much as you can about the business, so you understand how it works. Go to the WGA website and read the sample contracts if you’ve never seen one. Follow box office and know what kinds of material the industry will be looking for. Research agents or producers before you meet/contact them. Watch old movies – have a working knowledge of film history.

To read the rest of Brian Spaeth’s comments on screenwriting, head to All the Blog’s a Page!

And while there, check out writers Kristin Johnson’s and John W. Bosley’s wonderful features!

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