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CLG Is Interviewed! March 14, 2009

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Jessica Ferguson, author and president of the Bayou Writers’ Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana, interviews me on her blog Praise, Prayers and Observations as part of her “Louisiana Saturday Night” series!

In the interview, I talk about editing, writing, coaching, critique groups, branding, and MORE.

Check it out – [link] – LEAVE COMMENTS!


Learn More about Me, the Editor February 18, 2009

The uber-popular Blood-Red Pencil [link] – where I’m a contributing blogger – is doing a MEET THE EDITOR segment, and yours truly is being spotlighted today!  Come see what I have to say about why I love editing.

{The Blood-Red Pencil}


Branding, Editing, Writing, & ME @ BlogTalkRadio Today! December 28, 2008

Tale It Like It Is

Today, the radio show Tale It Like It Is [link] will have yet ANOTHER one-hour special on author branding/writing with me and author and TILII host Samara King.

Time:  4:30 CST


On tap for convo:  discussion on using social networking sites to promote your writing and setting writing goals.  If you have ANY questions about writing or editing, come and bring them with you!  We’re all about camaraderie and sharing of information.

If you can’t make it, that’s OK.  I will post up the program on my LISTEN tab @!


I Talk Branding & Writing on Tale It Like It Is December 14, 2008


Today, I talked with author and TILII host Samara King about author branding and writing.  It was a great show, and we enjoyed it so much we decided to make a little series out of it called Building Your Brand.

You can listen to the first show here: [link]

The second show will air Sunday, December 28, 2008, at 4:30 p.m. CST @

The third show will air Sunday, January 11, 2009, at 4:30 p.m. CST @


Guess Who’s Been Interviewed? November 30, 2008

Yep, you got it: MOI! 🙂

My currently publisher, LADY LEO PUBLISHING, is showcasing an interview with me! Below is an excerpt.

LLP: How do you come up with your characters?
SB: Pieces of my characters come from me. Typically, something happens in my world or the world of someone I love that sticks with me, that picks with me, and I have to write that situation out. When that happens, I take pieces of me that are connected with that situation and start the process of developing the main character. From there, I branch out and develop those characters that are necessary to get through that story. Many times, pieces of loved ones (and not so loved ones) are used to develop these characters.

LLP: Are the characters based on real life situations?
SB: Sometimes, yes. I’ve never written a 100% real story; however, many of my characters are composites of people I know, and many of the situations are snatches from real life situations.

LLP: What excites you most about being a writer?
SB: The spinning of a new story. When I get a new idea, nothing excites me more. I can barely sleep, and my biggest concern is outlining the story so that I can jump in and play with my characters.

To read the rest of the interview, be sure to head to [Lady Leo Publishing] now!


TNC Interviews Authors Deaubrey Devine & Stacey-Deanne October 27, 2008

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Shon Bacon, editor of The Nubian Chronicles, interviews authors Deaubrey Devine and Stacey-Deanne for TNC’s Fall 2008 issue.

Deaubrey Devine

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TNC: Deaubrey Devine: THE SOUNDTRACK! What three tracks would make it onto a soundtrack of your life, and why?

DD: Never Would Have Made It-(Marvin Sapp) I chose this song to represent my life because of all the trails and tribulations I’ve experienced and knowing that God is the only reason I got through them all.

My Love – (Joe) I’m full of expressions, communication, and caring with a giving heart. I love to cater to my woman and make her feel important and special.

Good Life – (Kanye West ft. T- Pain) This song represents me as a person that likes to experience, explore, and enjoy a blessed life to the fullest. Sometimes it’s healing to just kick back and have a good time doing the simple things that makes you feel happy.

TNC: Who are some of your favorite writers, and how do they inspire you as a writer?
DD: Both Eric Jerome Dickey and Carl Webber are very inspirational writers to me because they both write about relationships that one can relate to. I’m also inspired and driven by Michael Baisden for his entrepreneur desires and self motivation.

TNC: What have you learned as a writer since the publication of DESTINY HOPE FAITH DIVINE?
DD: As a writer, I’ve learned that you have to remove yourself and personal feelings to the side to write for the reader’s. I’ve learned that reader’s want to be entertained but also they want to be able to get something out of the story. It’s important to deliver a message with a page turning flow so readers can enjoy the read without putting the book down.


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TNC: In screenwriting, a logline is a one-sentence summary of a script. Typically, a logline does three things: tells who the main character is and what he/she wants, tells who or what stands in his/her way, and tells what makes the story unique. Having said that, imagine the poster for MELODY: THE MOVIE.
What would its logline read?

SD: Melody has always had a reason to dislike her sister’s new boyfriends…now she has a reason to fear one.

TNC: What was the spark to which your novel MELODY began to take shape?

SD: I would definitely say when I thought of the character Keith. Keith is the antagonist in the story. He’s the villain and since this is a thriller,the novel feeds off of Keith’s actions. Keith is the one who moves the story and there would be no purpose for Melody without him. He’s not only Melody’s obstacle in the story, but he is also the purpose for her goal. She spends her time trying to get rid of Keith and expose him for the menace that he is. She soon finds out that this is not an easy task. He stops her (in unpredictable and frightening ways) at every single turn, leaving her cornered every time. She knew the guy was charming and even sneaky but she soon finds out he is also dangerous. From the opening chapter, the sparks between Melody and Keith explode and from that point on Melody embarks on a quest to find out the deal about this mysterious man.

TNC: What’s your favorite thing about MELODY?

SD: The character Keith is the main thing. Like I said there would be no Melody without him. He is my favorite character because he is the villain. He makes you so excited to see what he’s gonna do next. He even surprised me a few times, LOL. Also, I let loose with some things that happened in this book and I pushed the envelope a bit with the subject matter. That was very exciting. Melody was the first thriller I’ve written. I originally wrote it years ago,in 1997. After writing it, I saw how fun it was to write thrillers and mysteries. I began writing more thrillers. I felt like a vampire I suppose with her first taste of blood. After that taste, there was no turning back. I wanted more,

To read more of Deaubrey Devine’s and Stacey-Deanne’s interviews, head over to The Nubian ChroniclesSTRAIGHT FROM DA PEN column and check them out!

The Nubian Chronicles – Writings of the Black Experience



Check out my QUICKIE EDITING TIPS @ Blogging in Black October 17, 2008

Come check me out at BLOGGING IN BLACK [LINK] today where I’m sharing QUICKIE EDITING TIPS!

If you have some of your own, share them with the other readers.

See you there!


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