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The Write Life for You: How Solid is Your Plot? November 3, 2008

Becoming a Lifelong Learner of the Craft of Writing
By author, editor, educator Shon Bacon aka ChickLitGurrl™

How Solid is Your Plot?

Every story should have a main plot; most stories have several sub-plots within the main plot.

What is a plot?

Plot refers to the pattern of events within a narrative or drama; these events culminate into the story’s resolution. The development of the events and how the main character(s) react to these events often give a story its meaning.

Most books that you read about plot will tell you that to have a solid plot, your story should have five components:

  • Conflict
  • Complications
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Falling Action

Want to learn MORE about plot…and see how I tie the movie FATAL ATTRACTION to the five components?

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Becoming a Lifelong Learner of the Craft of Writing

By author, editor, educator Shon Bacon aka ChickLitGurrl™

About The Write Life for You (TWL4U)

Featured on APOOO Books

The Write Life for You (TWL4U) is a monthly column that focuses on the nuts and bolts of writing creatively.  So many of us have ideas for stories, and so many of us put ideas to page and develop short stories, novellas, and novels.  However, many of us have no idea how to care for our literary babies with correct grammar, mechanics, and storytelling skills once that first draft is done.  That’s what TWL4U is for – to offer, through short articles, advice on such issues as camping vs. marching, taglines, plot, characterization, dialogue, and punctuation.  The writing life is not quick – it is a lifelong journey to study the craft of writing, to learn the rules of the English language (so that you can eloquently break them!), and to better your writing with each new piece you develop.

There is also the opportunity for readers to contact Shon and ask questions; your questions and Shon’s comments could become upcoming features on TWL4U.

Check out the premier article [LINK] – WHAT’S YOUR STORY ABOUT – and come back every first of the month!