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What Inspires YOU to Write? December 17, 2008

Come check me out at BLOGGING IN BLACK [LINK] today for my short reflection piece, WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO WRITE?

Recently, I was interviewed by my publisher, Lady Leo Publishing, and in the interview, I was asked, “Who/what inspired you to write?” My response was three-fold – life inspires me to write; what I fear inspires me to write; what I don’t know inspires me to write.

@ BiB today, I go into a bit of detail as I talk about each of these three inspirations.

To read my piece, head to Blogging in Black [] and LEAVE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS!


Tips to Editing a Screenplay December 10, 2008

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Head over to The Blood-Red Pencil and check out my latest article, “Tips to Editing a Screenplay” [LINK]. The Blood-Red Pencil is a great blog where editors come and discuss pretty much everything regarding writing. While you’re checking out my article (and leaving a comment – LOL), bookmark the blog and consider following it!


What is your EDITING PHILOSOPHY? November 21, 2008

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I was going to initially titled this, “What type of editing do you do?”

But then I realized that I wasn’t looking for answers like substantive editing or copy editing or proofreading.

I wanted to know about your belief system in regards to editing.  What do you hope to PROVIDE to the client, essentially.

A few days ago, I began to think about this.  This year, I have edited SO many manuscripts, and I began to wonder, “Why did these people pick ME to trust with their baby?”  Many of them came by recommendation, so somewhere out there, there are satisfied customers that think enough about what I do to recommend my talents to other writers.

So, I’ll ask myself, “What is my editing philosophy?”

My short answer:  To help writers become better at the craft of writing.

My longer answer:  Yes, I want clients to be happy with the results of my edits.  I want them to see that I cared about grammar and mechanics. That I cared about rhythm and pacing.  That I cared about character development.  That I cared about the overall story development.  I want them to feel as if their baby – which they just delivered – was made shiny and beautiful.  The same baby they birthed – but clean.

However, when I edit, I do try to teach, too.  I explain why I make the changes I do.  Sometimes, I direct writers to books to help hone their skills.

I liken how I edit to how I teach.  If a student’s essay is riddled with fragments, I don’t say, “You have fragments” and immediately fix them.  I sit and discuss what fragments are, I explain how to fix them, and then I ask the student to tell me how he/she would fix the error.  This is how they learn to become better writers of academic essays.

In editing, I do the changes – after all, that’s what I’m paid to do; however, I also explain how I fixed the issues and why so that at the end of an editing experience, a writer might say, “Thank you for making my book better and making me a better writer.  I know my next work will be better than this one because you helped me understand the craft of writing.”

So, what is YOUR editing philosophy?


Get Your READ ON @ The Nubian Chronicles November 3, 2008

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Over @ The Nubian Chronicles Magazine, we offer shorts and excerpts that run the gamut – erotica, revenge, horror, family, and relationship – NUBIAN belles-lettres!

J.C. Martin – “Lay In It” – (short story) – On his ten-year wedding anniversary, Byron rushes home to create a night of romance and love for his wife, but little does he know that she’s on to him and all his ways; story’s motto should be – Be careful WHAT you do…


Byron had rushed home from work today, because he and Melinda, his wife, were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. He knew they had been through some stuff, but was very happy they’d weathered the storm and could celebrate another year.

Byron had gotten home before Melinda, so he took the opportunity to start getting the house ready for a joyous night. They had already planned for the twins to stay over at Patsy’s house, Melinda’s older sister, for the night.

He set the table and placed the candles, so the shadows would be cast on Melinda’s beautiful face. Melinda had hazel eyes, and long flowing curly hair. She was not fat, but she was a little on the more to love side, and that’s part of what he loved so much about her.

Anthony Anderson – “They Ain’t All Like That Down South” – (short story) – What starts out as a normal family road trip to begin a vacation ends in a horrific display of “Southern Hospitality”.


“Mm, where are we?” Sandy said sleepily.

“Some town off the Interstate. Figure I try to find a place to get a real tire. Failing that, we could all use something to eat, anyway.” Carter was now pulling the car into the driveway of a fairly large convenience store. The only other vehicles in the parking lot were three pickups and a pair of motorcycles. A Greyhound bus bound for Dallas was pulling out and away from them.

“Um, I don’t know,” Sandy said, sounding a little more awake now. Carter had already parked and was now getting out of the car. “This looks a little…out of the way.”

“Not too far out. They got Arby’s and KFC down the road from here, so it’s not like we’re away from civilization.”

“I mean, Carter, is that we’re way out in the boondocks.” She eyed the pickup truck with the rebel flag decal and the gun rack on the back. “I’m just worried about us, that’s all.”

T. L. Davis – Woman2Woman: What We Do Wrong in Dating – (book excerpt) – Author T. L. Davis brings us chapter one of her book, WOMAN2WOMAN as she discusses the importance of RESPECT when dating!


In this world of dating we are all after the same thing. One man that we could call our OWN! However, in this dog eat dog world, those principles are often dreamt about but never realized. Not because they are impossible, but because outside sources, namely other women get in the way of that becoming reality. One thing I have noticed and especially in this day in time, a man does not have to lie about his relationship status in order for him to get new booty. In fact, most attached men seem to be the prime target for unscrupulous women. This is the type of harlot who has low self-esteem or just plain and simply does not give a damn about anyone but themselves. This type of woman preys on married engaged or otherwise committed men.

Robert Morgan – “School Clothes” – (short story) – a stirring story about a seemingly simple family trip to buy school clothes that reveals so much more about the family.


The warmth of the bed seemed to soothe his every muscle. The night had been a hot one. His mother opened one of the windows to cool the room. The August heat soon became bearable. He fell asleep listening to the crickets gossip. As the night grew cooler, he retreated to the confines of the quilt his grandmother knitted for his eighth birthday. The sun woke him early. He lazily turned his head to flee the dawn of a new day. He could hear Otis Redding blaring from the hi-fi as he sang about missing his water. His mother was busy getting his sisters ready.

“Get up baby, brush your teeth and wash your face. Hurry up, or we gone be late.”

His mother had been talking all week about buying school clothes, and the moment had finally arrived. He felt embarrassed to still be wearing his clothes from last year. He did not think anyone made fun of him. It might have been his size that deterred the would-be mockers.

Ayanna Pierce – IN SESSION: Tales of Dr. Gwendolyn Kast – (excerpt) – Warning – explicit language – Dr. Gwendolyn Kast is a therapist with kinky ways. Sometimes, her libido finds her spread eagle on her desk; sometimes, it finds her lightly spanking a client to break him from his dominant position – see what she does in this first episode!


But then four months ago, Clarissa walked into my office, and I not only looked into her face, but I took notice of her full curves, of the way her heavy breasts pressed lovingly against her blouses. The more she talked, the more I knew – with all certainty – why her husband had stopped providing her with sex: she wanted to become independent. He married a woman with a high school diploma who had grown up believing that her main role was to satisfy her man and have babies. In their five years of marriage, there were no children, which meant Clarissa could dole all of her attention to her husband. He loved that. What he didn’t love was Clarissa deciding she needed a life, too. He loathed the fact that she applied and got into the local university and began to pursue a degree in nursing. He despised the idea that she would have thoughts that didn’t revolve around him and how she could satisfy him.

Every time she talked of him – which was all the time – I had to squelch my need to find him and beat the living shit out of him. Every woman deserved a place in the world, or as my girl Virginia Woolf proclaimed, a room of her own. Clarissa’s room was education. I think that was the initial kernel that made my panties wet. Education, for me, is sexy.

Drenched described my panties when Clarissa told me last week that she had, shamefully, began chatting online with people in a sexual manner to make up for the lack of wifely duties.

To read the rest of these great pieces, head to TNC now (at NUBIAN belles-lettres) to check them out!

The Nubian Chronicles – Writings of the Black Experience


Annette Marie Hyder on Being a Female Writer November 1, 2008

For the month of NOVEMBER, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is featuring FEMALE WRITERS!

First up, freelance journalist/editor, artist and author Annette Marie Hyder!

The Question for November: Reflect on the stories you have written – the stories waiting to be written. What themes, topics do you find your writerly mind pushing you to write? How do these themes, topics portray themselves through you as a female writer?

In her response, Annette said, “I am drawn to stories about passion, exploration and discovery. Adversity captures my imagination as well. Myths, fairytales and legends are woven throughout my work as reference, allusion, retelling, and mirror. My heroine’s grow wings – are forbidden to fly – but flaunt their feathers anyway, lose their voices to Winter but find new ways to speak, meet the Big Bad Wolf and tell his tale with sympathy, pluck truths like fruits from fairytale trees and sink their teeth in. They fill their aprons and offer these fruits to others, make delicious dishes of them, preserve them, candied and canned but always with the essence remaining. My heroines, whether walking through the shadows of adversity, running through avenues of fear, or pausing at intersections of indecision, have shod their feet with winged sandals and wear passion as a blade to pierce mysteries and conundrums alike. They search for the bridge that spans a void which has, on the one side fear, and on the other side discovery.”

To read the rest of Annette’s response and read more about this EVERYWOMAN, head to All the Blog’s a Page now!

ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE (AtBaP) – Where everything relates to writing



Author Steven Payette Stops by All the Blog’s a Page October 31, 2008

For the month of OCTOBER, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is featuring MALE WRITERS!  We wrap up the month with author Steven Payette, who has just released the first book in his Trevor Samuels mysteries, THE BACK OF MY MIND.

About BookTrevor Samuels, an investigator with fifteen years experience, is commissioned to investigate three arson losses. After numerous leads fail to generate any suspects, he suddenly gets a break in the form of fifteen-year-old Goth boy named Jesse. Jesse is heavily involved in the contraband cigarette market and he exposes Trevor to this seedy underworld. While trying to determine if the arson’s are related to the contraband cigarette market, Trevor uncovers greed, murder and corruption among the people he respects most. Join Trevor as he investigates the most difficult case of his career, a case that will either make his career or haunt him for the remainder of his life.

For the month of October, AtBaP authors are talking about BEING MALE; here’s the question that was posed:  Reflect on the stories you have written – the stories waiting to be written.  What themes, topics do you find your writerly mind pushing you to write?  How do these themes, topics portray themselves through you as a male writer?

What did Steven have to say?  Head over to ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE today to read his response AND to check out an excerpt of THE BACK OF MY MIND!

While at AtBaP, take the time to check out authors Vincent Alexandria, M. Christian, and Torrance  T. Stephens, Ph.D. and their responses on being male writers!

ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE (AtBaP) – Where everything relates to writing



Fall 2008 Issue of SisterDivas Magazine is LIVE! October 19, 2008

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FALL 2008 (October – January)


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This issue of TOTAL BODY – Dr. Cherry explains to us why it’s important to have a PERSONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS in our lives!



In Episode Five, Destiny anticipated her date with Devon and got much-needed love, support, and advice from her mom.

NOW, in EPISODE SIX, Destiny goes on her date with Devon and finds herself surprised with the outcome; on the flip side, Sharay decides that one fine man that caught her eye is worthy of more attention!


Devon took silent steps toward Destiny’s door, peering through the small opening.

“Good,” Devon said, his voice lowered. “After that, we can do whatever you want.”

Wow, Devon thought as Destiny slid her skirt and stockings off before stripping from her blouse. Devon’s breath caught in his throat as he inwardly oohed and aahed over the curvy frame of Destiny, the way her gold lace bra brought her ample breasts up and out and her matching panties clung to the full roundness of her hips and backside.

“You’re awfully quiet,” Destiny hollered, moving to her closet to remove a pair of black slacks and a gold silk blouse.

“Uh…well, just letting you take your time getting ready.”

“Aren’t you just the gentleman?” Destiny chuckled. Devon felt a tightening in his groin as he watched a scantily clad Destiny dress and slip on a pair of trouser socks before pulling on her black leather ankle boots. Softly groaning, Devon stepped away from the door and made his way over to the loveseat, sitting with a frustrated plop.



Over @ LIFE this issue, we have plenty to dish out – beauty tips for the holiday season with All That Glitters columnist Melody Shore and her guest Debora Routhe, modeling with Sharon Quinn, job searches for working mothers with expert Roxanne Ravenel, and wines for the fall/winter seasons with The Sipping Sommelier, L. Denise Jackson!



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