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Sex & Writing with Author Lauren Dane September 12, 2008

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Today at All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP), Lauren Dane, author of FATED, talks about sex and writing!

For the month of September, AtBaP authors are talking about SEX; here’s the question that was posed:  Is sex an important component to develop in your writing? How are you able to weave it into a work AND also have a strong plot development?

Among other things – all of them juicy and frank, Lauren replied: “In truth, sex is wonderful material for a story. It’s rife with possibilities. Not just love and joy but anger, loss, connection, guilt, grief – it’s not only a great vehicle for emotion but physical action as well. An author can really show you things about her characters through a really well done, well placed sex scene.”

What ELSE does Lauren have to say about sex, writing, and her novel?  Head over to ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE today to read the rest of her response…and also be sure to see what author Zetta Brown (Messalina – Devourer of Men) has to say about sex & writing, too!

ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE (AtBaP) – Where everything relates to writing:  []

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