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Got Me Some Literary Bling December 6, 2008

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I’m not a fan of being tagged; however, this is BOOK-RELATED, and as an author and an avid reader, I take the tagdom with pride.

My sistergirl JC Martin recently gave me literary daps with the following bling award:


It’s called bookworm, and if you saw my house, you would realize the name was created specifically for me.

I can’t, however, just take my bling and run off.  I actually have to adhere to two rules.

RULE ONE, I have to grab one of the books closest to me, go to page 56, type the fifth line and the next two to five lines that follow.  As I type this, I am looking at my coffee table and eyeing a stack of books.  I’m about to reach over and pick “The Gifted Gabaldón Sisters” by Lorraine López.

I straighten my dress, smoothing down the hem to make sure it would have been long enough to cover my nalgas even as I fell.

“We better go back,” says Loretta, not knowing the first thing about fainting in church.

“You’re nuts.  After a person faints, no one expects them to return to church.”

Sounds like it could be a funny book, right?  Well, it is, so you should check it out!

Now, the SECOND RULE to follow in order to keep my bling is to pick five people who love books and could receive this bling with honor.  My five are:

Zetta Brown

Rae Weakly

Sammie Ward

Onika Pascal

Annette Marie Hyder

Ladies, make me and books proud!


2 Responses to “Got Me Some Literary Bling”

  1. Onika Pascal Says:

    Oh I’m on the train (yes @ 7am) heading to an exam. If I’m allowed to respond later I surely will (over at my blog? Or here?).

    *i miss being tagged lol*

  2. Hey chick…LOL You respond at YOUR blog, 🙂

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