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Screenwriting + Pure Hilarity = Brian Spaeth March 16, 2009

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For the month of March, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is going to the big screen…and center stage as we talk to screenwriters and playwrights!

Last month, the hilarious and talented writer Brian Spaeth came to AtBaP for an interview, and this month he’s back to talk about screenwriting and the upcoming project 2WO G2N G2Y!


2WO G2N G2Y tells the story of a man with no memory, no name, and two guns.

Embroiled in an international revenge plot between a pair of secret, international revenge seeking organizations, who are international and want revenge, he must rely on the only things that his body remembers how to do – be really tough and use two guns at once.

He wears four belts.

2WO G2N G2Y is a 30-part web series, which is made exclusively to be online, on the internet. Told in 30 parts, it’s for the web. It’s broadband, how you like it – online.

What does it all mean? The internet is officially on fire. More on fire than anything as ever been ever.

Check out the trailer!

For the month of March, I asked SEVERAL questions. When I asked, What three things should writers/filmmakers have in their arsenal if they want to heighten their chances of success, Spaeth replied:

a) Multiple Ideas – You need to be seen as an ongoing revenue stream for anyone you’re working with, i.e. agents, producers, etc., and also – sometimes the throw-away idea you think is garbage might be the one someone else sees as gold.

b) Humility/Muzzle – Know when to shut up and listen, even when the person talking to you has no idea what they’re talking about. Telling them they’re an imbecile does you know favors, and nobody likes a pretentious artist.

c) Knowledge – Read as much as you can about the business, so you understand how it works. Go to the WGA website and read the sample contracts if you’ve never seen one. Follow box office and know what kinds of material the industry will be looking for. Research agents or producers before you meet/contact them. Watch old movies – have a working knowledge of film history.

To read the rest of Brian Spaeth’s comments on screenwriting, head to All the Blog’s a Page!

And while there, check out writers Kristin Johnson’s and John W. Bosley’s wonderful features!

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Movies, YouTube, & Screenwriting w/ YouTube Sensation, ScriptGirl February 15, 2009

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ChickLitGurrl:  high on LATTES & WRITING has a new look and a new interview!

Come hang out and read my latest interview with YouTube sensation, ScriptGirl – who talks about screenwriting, movies, and more!

Check out the excerpt below!

CLG:  Now that you are a YouTube celebrity, are you planning to use your ScriptGirl image to benefit your career, and if so, how?
SG:  Well it’s odd. A lot of opportunities have come my way due to ScriptGirl, but they don’t necessarily jibe with my career goals as a screenwriter. I’ve been offered some TV hosting gigs and those folks could not care less about some brilliant rom-com I have in my car. Likewise, the producers I meet with aren’t the least bit impressed by my Internet alter ego. In fact, I think it may actually diminish my credibility.  Well, that and the fact that I tend to show up at meetings late, inebriated, and wildly belligerent! (laughs maniacally)

CLG:  What are three pieces of advice you would offer to those wanting to break into screenwriting?
SG:  Make friends with rejection. The numbers are always going to be against you. That’s a fact, Jack.

Optimize all opportunities, big and small. Actually, just assume they’re all big.

Write from your heart. But get a good agent or manager to handle your business. Financially raping writers is a sport to producers. Like golf or polo.

Head to ChickLitGurrl:  High on Lattes & Writing now to read the rest of ScriptGirl’s interview!

About CLG:  Since 2005, ChickLitGurrl has been a place to talk to women writers about writing, craft, inspiration, and anything and everything else that falls into being a female writer. Nearly 70 women writers have been interviewed, to include Carly Phillips, Bernice McFadden, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Mary Castillo, Jennifer Banash, and Paula Chase-Hyman. In ’09, CLG branches out to include ALL women of words – scriptwriters, freelance writers, novelists, essayists, memoirists, and more! In addition to the interviews, you’ll also find information on writing-related news and tips.


Tips to Editing a Screenplay December 10, 2008

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Head over to The Blood-Red Pencil and check out my latest article, “Tips to Editing a Screenplay” [LINK]. The Blood-Red Pencil is a great blog where editors come and discuss pretty much everything regarding writing. While you’re checking out my article (and leaving a comment – LOL), bookmark the blog and consider following it!


Getting My Write On June 29, 2008

Yesterday, my drill sergeant appeared.

Most people know me as a DRILL SERGEANT. When I edit clients’ manuscripts, when I instruct writers in WRITERS BOOT CAMP, when I help friends with their writing, I’m the drill sergeant – the person who is constantly calling or e-mailing to see how the writing is coming…berating when necessary.

Well, my bestest friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD has moved back to Lake Chuck, and yesterday, she got on me. Demanded that I write, and I did – writing 6,000 words on my new project, EMPTY SWINGS. Bestest Friend is MY drill sergeant, so I’m stoked to have her permanently back in my life like that!

Another great thing to occur recently – yesterday, I received my Creative Screenwriting magazine, and there were two articles that sparked me as a writer: one discussed pitching TV originals and the second discussed the selling of spec screenplays. Both, very positive, sparked me to change my writing goals for the year a bit.

Right now, I’m reading and rereading a lot of book written by and about Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Anne Sexton, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Toni Morrison. The goal? To work on a big literary project in the fall for NanoWrimo.

After reading the articles, I decided to continue reading, but do my project over my Christmas break. For NanoWrimo, I’ll be working on two screenplays so that I can get more of them under my belt. I have my six-episode miniseries and now my THE PROBLEM WITH BEING HAPPY script, which I plan to edit in the middle of July. I decided to adapt a novel I wrote and to do a new project in November.

I’m stoked….you never really know WHERE your inspiration will come…you just have to be OPEN to receiving it from literally, ANYWHERE!



Yes, yes, yes! My screenplay, THE PROBLEM WITH BEING HAPPY, is done! I finished the first draft a few days ago. Today, I went through it and did one of my first edits. I plan to work on the treatment and logline (which I have rough drafts of) next week. I’ve already done some extensive research on agents, managers, and production companies. I plan to start going through the research and selecting people to submit to in about a week or two.

My next project will be a novel that I’m targeting Harlequin’s STEEPLE HILL line for, and then………yes, the ideas keep COMING AND COMING, 🙂

Gotta love that! 🙂


Breaking Through… May 12, 2008

This weekend, somehow…some way…creativity reared its magnificent head, and I managed to get 20 pages of my screenplay written. Is it good? I have absolutely no idea, but it’s there, and I couldn’t be more happy.

I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. I took out the pages I previously wrote and reread them. I took out my loose treatment and read through it. I found where I left off, and I paused. I thought for a good ten, fifteen minutes – TV off, cell phone on mute, iPod off…and just thought about my characters and the storyline. Next thing I know, it’s 7 in the morning, the sun is leaking through the blinds, and I had trudged through 15 pages of the script.

That was Saturday.

Last night, I wrote another five pages.

Today, I have worked my freaking ass off here on campus and managed to do all my “work” work…at work, so I hope to get into a new scene today.
Wish me luck!