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Kudos May 9, 2008

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One Response to “Kudos”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I thought the book was great, and it’s coming out a great time-when all the vampire type novels and tv series’ are starting to be released. Morgan is a character that you slowly see grow from an uptight, almost rugged female, to a woman who in the end, isn’t afraid to show her soft side to the one she loves, Countess Elizabeth. What was especially great about the book was how the author Isabelle, took a huge historical figure known for her vampiric ways, and created this intricate story around her, giving her a softer, more humanistic side, rather than the side we have come to know so well, her blood lusting side. Out of all the various characters in the book, from Mario the alpha male werewolf, to Svetlana, Morgan’s roommate, the characters that I most enjoyed in the book would have to be Countess Elizabeth and Morgan. These two characters show their true selves in front of each other and they form such a rich relationship and closeness to one another. I encourage people to read it if they like vampire and werewolf novels!!

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