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In the beginning, there was the WORD… May 8, 2008

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…and the word was CHICKLITGURRL…and it was good!

Those of you who know me – do not worry! My popular blog ~ ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING ~ is still up and actively, successfully running! There, you will find wonderful interviews with women writers – among other things!

The World According to ChickLitGurrl is more about moi…the original chicklitgurrl: Shon Bacon. Here, you can check out my bio and vita, you can learn more about my editorial services and my Writers Boot Camp, you can view some of my latest writing, and you can be in know of things that are going on with the two online magazines I edit and contribute to: SisterDivas and The Nubian Chronicles.

Definitely sit back, relax, and get caught up in my world – sometimes, it’s actually quite fun, interesting, and entertaining!


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