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What’s happening at The Nubian Chronicles? March 20, 2009

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With our reader-favorite column this issue, we interview authors Carleen Brice and Cassandra Washington!

@ DCC, we bring episode 16 of our online serial, EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT: The day after suffering public abuse at the hands of her father, an embarrassed Clemson must face not only the man she loves, but her arch nemesis Kat and her mother.

Want sex? Want the changing of sex? Want the change that came to America? Want the change you can make to get whatever you like? Then you need to head over to NUBIAN belles-lettres to read our stories and articles!

@ The Poetry Corner, we spotlight lyrical wordsmith, CHAMSIL!

@ IN DA CLUB, we talk public relations and marketing with Raven Literary PR!

In his latest Matthew’s Musings, columnist Matthew Lynch defines and discusses the importance of the Black Public Intellectual.

@ ASK DEDAN, Dedan Tolbert offers advice to a reader who wants to know how soon is too soon to start dating after a break up…

Want to read a most unordinary love story? In this issue of THE LIVING ROOM, columnist Stacey Tolbert offers the first of six installments to her story IRON.

Thinking about writing a screenplay? Already wrote one? In her latest THE WRITE LIFE article, Shon Bacon offers tips to editing a screenplay.

To contact The Nubian Chronicles regarding submissions or other inquiries, please e-mail us at

We work hard to answer ANY and ALL e-mails as quickly as possible!

The Nubian Chronicles –!


TNC Seeks Stories, Commentaries, & Excerpts for Its Spring 2009 Issue March 7, 2009

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The Nubian Chronicles Magazine ( is currently seeking submissions for its SPRING 2009 issue, slated to be released on Monday, May 4, 2009.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, April 20, 2009.

DO YOU HAVE gripping stories, thought-provoking essays, engaging articles and commentaries you want the public to read?  If so, then you definitely want to consider submitting to TNC’s column:  NUBIAN belles-lettres.

N b-l is our column dedicated to short fiction, essays, articles, and commentaries written by African American writers.

ALSO – if you have a book that’s due out and you’d like to get a little promo for it, you may submit excerpts to your book along with other information for TNC to publish!

If you are submitting short fiction, essays, articles, and/or commentaries, please submit the following:
1)  work to be published (within the e-mail)
2)  contact information (e-mail, website, myspace)
3)  picture of you (if you would like)
4)  one- to two-sentence teaser of your work

If you are submitting an excerpt of a published work, please submit the following:
1)  excerpt of your work
2)  contact information (e-mail, website, myspace)
3)  picture of you (if you would like)
4)  book cover image (in .jpg or .gif file)
5)  purchase link

@ TNC, we know that writers have their own individual literary flows, and for that reason, we do not limit writers as to types of work they can submit to us; however, we do not do PORN- or HATE-related material. If you wish to submit erotica, that is fine.

Submissions should be no longer than 2,500 words.


Again, the deadline for TNC’s SPRING 2009 issue is Monday, April 20, 2009.

E-mail ALL WORK to either or

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The Nubian Chronicles Seeks Stories & Essays for Winter 2009 Issue December 12, 2008

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Be a part of history as The Nubian Chronicles marks its TENTH YEAR online in 2009!

The Nubian Chronicles Magazine [] is currently seeking submissions for its WINTER 2009 issue, slated to be released on Monday, January 19, 2009.  The deadline for submissions is Monday, January 12, 2009.

We seek gripping stories, thought-provoking essays, engaging articles and commentaries by African American writers for our column, NUBIAN belles-lettres.

If interested, please submit the following:

1)  work to be published, no longer than 2,500 words
2)  contact/link information (e-mail, website, myspace, blog)
3)  picture of you (if you would like)
4)  short bio
5)  one- to two-sentence teaser of your work

@ TNC, we know that writers have their own individual literary flows, and for that reason, we do not limit writers as to types of work they can submit to us; however, we do not publish PORN- or HATE-related material. If you wish to submit erotica, that is fine.

Please note that we do not offer monetary payments; however, we do offer exposure, and, starting in 2009, the possibility of having your work nominated by us for the Pushcart Prize [].  Every year, small presses can nominate the best works from their publication for possible inclusion in The Pushcart Prize’s annual Best of the Small Presses series.  So be sure to send us your best works!

Also note that you retain ALL RIGHTS to your work.

Again, the deadline for TNC’s WINTER 2009 issue is MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 2009.



Da Management


Get Your READ ON @ The Nubian Chronicles November 3, 2008

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Over @ The Nubian Chronicles Magazine, we offer shorts and excerpts that run the gamut – erotica, revenge, horror, family, and relationship – NUBIAN belles-lettres!

J.C. Martin – “Lay In It” – (short story) – On his ten-year wedding anniversary, Byron rushes home to create a night of romance and love for his wife, but little does he know that she’s on to him and all his ways; story’s motto should be – Be careful WHAT you do…


Byron had rushed home from work today, because he and Melinda, his wife, were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. He knew they had been through some stuff, but was very happy they’d weathered the storm and could celebrate another year.

Byron had gotten home before Melinda, so he took the opportunity to start getting the house ready for a joyous night. They had already planned for the twins to stay over at Patsy’s house, Melinda’s older sister, for the night.

He set the table and placed the candles, so the shadows would be cast on Melinda’s beautiful face. Melinda had hazel eyes, and long flowing curly hair. She was not fat, but she was a little on the more to love side, and that’s part of what he loved so much about her.

Anthony Anderson – “They Ain’t All Like That Down South” – (short story) – What starts out as a normal family road trip to begin a vacation ends in a horrific display of “Southern Hospitality”.


“Mm, where are we?” Sandy said sleepily.

“Some town off the Interstate. Figure I try to find a place to get a real tire. Failing that, we could all use something to eat, anyway.” Carter was now pulling the car into the driveway of a fairly large convenience store. The only other vehicles in the parking lot were three pickups and a pair of motorcycles. A Greyhound bus bound for Dallas was pulling out and away from them.

“Um, I don’t know,” Sandy said, sounding a little more awake now. Carter had already parked and was now getting out of the car. “This looks a little…out of the way.”

“Not too far out. They got Arby’s and KFC down the road from here, so it’s not like we’re away from civilization.”

“I mean, Carter, is that we’re way out in the boondocks.” She eyed the pickup truck with the rebel flag decal and the gun rack on the back. “I’m just worried about us, that’s all.”

T. L. Davis – Woman2Woman: What We Do Wrong in Dating – (book excerpt) – Author T. L. Davis brings us chapter one of her book, WOMAN2WOMAN as she discusses the importance of RESPECT when dating!


In this world of dating we are all after the same thing. One man that we could call our OWN! However, in this dog eat dog world, those principles are often dreamt about but never realized. Not because they are impossible, but because outside sources, namely other women get in the way of that becoming reality. One thing I have noticed and especially in this day in time, a man does not have to lie about his relationship status in order for him to get new booty. In fact, most attached men seem to be the prime target for unscrupulous women. This is the type of harlot who has low self-esteem or just plain and simply does not give a damn about anyone but themselves. This type of woman preys on married engaged or otherwise committed men.

Robert Morgan – “School Clothes” – (short story) – a stirring story about a seemingly simple family trip to buy school clothes that reveals so much more about the family.


The warmth of the bed seemed to soothe his every muscle. The night had been a hot one. His mother opened one of the windows to cool the room. The August heat soon became bearable. He fell asleep listening to the crickets gossip. As the night grew cooler, he retreated to the confines of the quilt his grandmother knitted for his eighth birthday. The sun woke him early. He lazily turned his head to flee the dawn of a new day. He could hear Otis Redding blaring from the hi-fi as he sang about missing his water. His mother was busy getting his sisters ready.

“Get up baby, brush your teeth and wash your face. Hurry up, or we gone be late.”

His mother had been talking all week about buying school clothes, and the moment had finally arrived. He felt embarrassed to still be wearing his clothes from last year. He did not think anyone made fun of him. It might have been his size that deterred the would-be mockers.

Ayanna Pierce – IN SESSION: Tales of Dr. Gwendolyn Kast – (excerpt) – Warning – explicit language – Dr. Gwendolyn Kast is a therapist with kinky ways. Sometimes, her libido finds her spread eagle on her desk; sometimes, it finds her lightly spanking a client to break him from his dominant position – see what she does in this first episode!


But then four months ago, Clarissa walked into my office, and I not only looked into her face, but I took notice of her full curves, of the way her heavy breasts pressed lovingly against her blouses. The more she talked, the more I knew – with all certainty – why her husband had stopped providing her with sex: she wanted to become independent. He married a woman with a high school diploma who had grown up believing that her main role was to satisfy her man and have babies. In their five years of marriage, there were no children, which meant Clarissa could dole all of her attention to her husband. He loved that. What he didn’t love was Clarissa deciding she needed a life, too. He loathed the fact that she applied and got into the local university and began to pursue a degree in nursing. He despised the idea that she would have thoughts that didn’t revolve around him and how she could satisfy him.

Every time she talked of him – which was all the time – I had to squelch my need to find him and beat the living shit out of him. Every woman deserved a place in the world, or as my girl Virginia Woolf proclaimed, a room of her own. Clarissa’s room was education. I think that was the initial kernel that made my panties wet. Education, for me, is sexy.

Drenched described my panties when Clarissa told me last week that she had, shamefully, began chatting online with people in a sexual manner to make up for the lack of wifely duties.

To read the rest of these great pieces, head to TNC now (at NUBIAN belles-lettres) to check them out!

The Nubian Chronicles – Writings of the Black Experience


TNC Interviews Authors Deaubrey Devine & Stacey-Deanne October 27, 2008

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Shon Bacon, editor of The Nubian Chronicles, interviews authors Deaubrey Devine and Stacey-Deanne for TNC’s Fall 2008 issue.

Deaubrey Devine

Click cover to purchase YOUR copy of DESTINY HOPE FAITH DIVINE today!


TNC: Deaubrey Devine: THE SOUNDTRACK! What three tracks would make it onto a soundtrack of your life, and why?

DD: Never Would Have Made It-(Marvin Sapp) I chose this song to represent my life because of all the trails and tribulations I’ve experienced and knowing that God is the only reason I got through them all.

My Love – (Joe) I’m full of expressions, communication, and caring with a giving heart. I love to cater to my woman and make her feel important and special.

Good Life – (Kanye West ft. T- Pain) This song represents me as a person that likes to experience, explore, and enjoy a blessed life to the fullest. Sometimes it’s healing to just kick back and have a good time doing the simple things that makes you feel happy.

TNC: Who are some of your favorite writers, and how do they inspire you as a writer?
DD: Both Eric Jerome Dickey and Carl Webber are very inspirational writers to me because they both write about relationships that one can relate to. I’m also inspired and driven by Michael Baisden for his entrepreneur desires and self motivation.

TNC: What have you learned as a writer since the publication of DESTINY HOPE FAITH DIVINE?
DD: As a writer, I’ve learned that you have to remove yourself and personal feelings to the side to write for the reader’s. I’ve learned that reader’s want to be entertained but also they want to be able to get something out of the story. It’s important to deliver a message with a page turning flow so readers can enjoy the read without putting the book down.


Clickcover to purchase YOUR copy of MELODY today!


TNC: In screenwriting, a logline is a one-sentence summary of a script. Typically, a logline does three things: tells who the main character is and what he/she wants, tells who or what stands in his/her way, and tells what makes the story unique. Having said that, imagine the poster for MELODY: THE MOVIE.
What would its logline read?

SD: Melody has always had a reason to dislike her sister’s new boyfriends…now she has a reason to fear one.

TNC: What was the spark to which your novel MELODY began to take shape?

SD: I would definitely say when I thought of the character Keith. Keith is the antagonist in the story. He’s the villain and since this is a thriller,the novel feeds off of Keith’s actions. Keith is the one who moves the story and there would be no purpose for Melody without him. He’s not only Melody’s obstacle in the story, but he is also the purpose for her goal. She spends her time trying to get rid of Keith and expose him for the menace that he is. She soon finds out that this is not an easy task. He stops her (in unpredictable and frightening ways) at every single turn, leaving her cornered every time. She knew the guy was charming and even sneaky but she soon finds out he is also dangerous. From the opening chapter, the sparks between Melody and Keith explode and from that point on Melody embarks on a quest to find out the deal about this mysterious man.

TNC: What’s your favorite thing about MELODY?

SD: The character Keith is the main thing. Like I said there would be no Melody without him. He is my favorite character because he is the villain. He makes you so excited to see what he’s gonna do next. He even surprised me a few times, LOL. Also, I let loose with some things that happened in this book and I pushed the envelope a bit with the subject matter. That was very exciting. Melody was the first thriller I’ve written. I originally wrote it years ago,in 1997. After writing it, I saw how fun it was to write thrillers and mysteries. I began writing more thrillers. I felt like a vampire I suppose with her first taste of blood. After that taste, there was no turning back. I wanted more,

To read more of Deaubrey Devine’s and Stacey-Deanne’s interviews, head over to The Nubian ChroniclesSTRAIGHT FROM DA PEN column and check them out!

The Nubian Chronicles – Writings of the Black Experience