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Author Teresa Patterson Talks Street/Urban Fic Today @ AtBaP February 5, 2009

For the month of February, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is taking it to the streets – urban and street fiction, that is. Up first is Teresa Patterson, author of the latest, Ex-Boyfriend!

For February, I asked the following set of questions:

**What does urban/street fiction mean to you? Is there a distinction between urban and street?

**Of all the genres present, what drew you to write urban/street fiction?

**What has been – if any – some of the positive and negative comments you have received from readers?

**In the branch of Black literature, what do you think urban/street fiction brings to the table?

In answering the question, In the branch of Black literature, what do you think urban/street fiction brings to the table, Patterson replied, “I think urban/street fiction brings so much to the table for both the African American authors and the readers. Along with the newer “street” genre, came the opportunity for so many authors to put pen to paper and create. Before, they may have thought that no one would be interested in what they’d written, but times have changed. Today, if you write it and publish it, somebody is going to buy it and read it.

When once there were only a few African American titles to choose from now there are a variety of books on the bookshelves written by black authors. Urban/street fiction appeals to a lot of the younger generation. They may not necessarily have read much in the past, but now they can pick up something that they can relate to.”

To read the rest of Teresa Patterson’s thoughts on street/urban fiction and to read an excerpt from Ex-Boyfriend, head to All the Blog’s a Page!

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