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Writer, Director, Producer John W. Bosley on Writing, Movies, & Amnesia March 2, 2009

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For the month of March, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is going to the big screen…and center stage as we talk to screenwriters and playwrights!

First up is writer, director, and producer John W. Bosley, who talks to us about writing and his movie, The Allan Carter Saga Part I: amnesia!

About The Allan Carter Saga Part I: amnesia

Allan Carter wakes up with amnesia .  Only one thought drives him forward: “I have to find my family!”  He finds himself being shot at, hiding in caves and secret tunnels, and being chased through the forest while constantly searching for the truth.  What kind of world did he wake up to?  And, what really happened to his family?

In answering the question, What similarities, things no matter the medium, are important for a good story to be told, Bosley stated, “An “inciting incident” which poses a question like: damsel in distress, will the hero save her? Then a conclusion to the question which in that case is either a yes or no. There also needs to be a depth to the relationships and it needs to deal with some of the universal questions that people deal with around the world. There are so many deep questions people have. A good story should dig into the souls of the audience and awaken some feelings they have about the issues.”

To read the rest of John W. Bosley’s thoughts on scriptwriting and movies, head to All the Blog’s a Page!

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