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Homosexuality & Writing: Lee Hayes, Editor of Flesh to Flesh December 15, 2008

For the month of DECEMBER, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is looking at homosexuality and writing, and we have five wonderful writers whomarry the subject into their writings in engaging, page-turning ways!

Today, we spotlight author Lee Hayes, who has taken a turn as editor for the steamy, raw collection of gay erotica, Flesh to Flesh!

About the book: Erotic is defined as arousing, or designed to arouse, feelings of sexual desire. In his latest effort, Lee Hayes, the award-winning and highly-acclaimed author of Passion Marks and the thriller The Messiah, steps out of the box and adds to his writing credentials as editor of the highly anticipated erotic anthology Flesh to Flesh, released on the Simon and Schuster imprint, Strebor Books International. Taking a page from Strebor International’s founder and New York Times bestselling author Zane, Hayes, picks up the torch and provides an electrically charged and unapologetic look into the sexual lives of gay men—a world once considered taboo and forbidden.

For December, I got greedy and asked the panel THREE questions:  How have your works been received by readers of all orientations….In the stories you have written and are planning to write, what ideas and themes do you see reoccurring that shed light on homosexuality….At the end of the day, if there was one thing you wanted your readers to remember in regards to homosexuality, what would that thing be?

In answering the question, “How have your works been received by readers of all orientations,” Hayes began his reply by stating, “In general, my books have been received surprisingly well by people from all walks of life. One of the things that I try to do is try to create whole and fatally flawed characters, just like in real life. I don’t focus on sexuality as an aberration; my characters aren’t struggling with their sexual orientation, they know who they are and their homosexuality is just a part of their lives. So, when you create real people with real issues that folks can relate and connect to, then the reader usually gets caught up in the lives of the characters, not just their sexuality.”

To read the rest of Lee Hayes’ responses, head to All the Blog’s a Page! And definitely check out our other guests this month: Eternity Philops and J.M. Snyder!

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