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Author Torrance Stephens, Ph.D., talks about being a male writer October 10, 2008

For the month of OCTOBER, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is featuring MALE WRITERS!

We kick off the month with Torrance Stephens, Ph.D., a man of many words and much intellect and thought.  His ability to “keep it real” is something I admire and something that keeps me checking him out.

For the month of October, AtBaP authors are talking about BEING MALE; here’s the question that was posed:  Reflect on the stories you have written – the stories waiting to be written.  What themes, topics do you find your writerly mind pushing you to write?  How do these themes, topics portray themselves through you as a male writer?

Torrance begins his response:  Well I normally write about what I live and experience.  I have been told I write intellectual fiction. I have been compared to Hemingway, Iceberg Slim and Richard Wright, but my idols are Pablo Neruda, Albert Camus and Voltaire among a few others.  It is easy for me; since I write erotica, sci-fi, horror, and psychological and philosophical realism, with my understanding of the sciences, history and the world; they just roll off my brain.

What ELSE does Torrance have to say about “writing as male”?  Head over to ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE today to read the rest of his response and to learn more about Dirt Behind My Ears and Butter Brown!

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