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The Kiss September 6, 2008

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i had a dream of a kiss that left me mindless and spent the kind of kiss that makes u hunger for more more than just a kiss the softness of masculine hands brushing along my cheek as his eyes tell me what he’s thinking and what he’s thinking is that right now more than anything else he wants to taste my lips and in anticipation i unconsciously part my lips slightly, my tongue lightly glistening my lips as if i’m ravenous and i am to taste the warm sweetness that exudes from his lips his fingers delicately cupping my chin with open eyes his beautiful face draws closer to mine his breath like whispers on my face before his lips sink into mine causing me to sigh in heavenly pleasure just to feel the silkiness of his lips the tickle of his moustache against my skin i moan my lips parting allowing his tongue to run along my teeth before exploring every crevice of my mouth his strong arms slowly inching around my waist pulling me against his hard body and as if weightless my arms rise and my fingers glide around his neck lightly stroking his nape as our tongues meet causing us both to moan our whispers of pleasure his hands like streams flowing up and down my back along my backside pressing me ever closer to him feeling his arousal against my lower belly making me shiver but we continue to kiss our lips our tongues telling each other that we want each other need each other and that no one else can make us feel this good after what feels like infinity we reluctantly part the first thing out his mouth being my name which causes me to smile  my eyes flutter open and in his eyes i see the chocolate brown of them turn ebony and i know that this kiss is so beyond just a mere kiss this is one of those kisses that will leave us both sweat-drenched panting and in an after glow of a long hot wet lovemaking session and without words i take his hand and lead him to where we both want to go to a place where we can mesh with kisses and bodies until we don’t even remember our names


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