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Beating the Devil August 27, 2008

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This was my daily BLESSING OF TODAY blog from my MySpace page:
Felt the need to share it over here, too, because I could have written a book JUST on this today.  I hope you get something from it.

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.– Matthew 4:1 – NKJV

The devil loves to hate us, and he loves to do so at two moments in our lives – when we are most vulnerable and right after a victorious moment.

We get into an argument with our spouse or boyfriend.  We lose a job.  A best friend back stabs us.  We take ill.  We watch our loved ones suffer.  We have a bluesy kind of day.  We have 50-11 things on our agenda for the day and know we can only get two of the things done.  We listen as our child screams, “I hate you” for the first time.  We see our bills outnumber our cash flow.

Anything can put us into a weak moment.  Sometimes, you can’t even pinpoint why you feel blue or down – you just know that you do.

Now flip all the things I stated above in reverse.  Your hubby surprises you with a vacay – sans the kids.  Your boyfriend proposes.  You’re recognized for your hard work on the job and get a promotion.  Your best friend splurges for a girls’ night out.  Your health is perfect.  Your loved ones prosper.  You wake up with a smile on your face and the thought, “I’m gonna rock this day out.”  You have 50-11 things on your agenda, and you have enough energy to do yours and somebody else’s to-dos.  Your child peeks his head into the kitchen just to say, “Hey Mom, I love you.”  Your promotion and your talent and gumption allow you to pay your bills [on time!], keep money in the bank, and buy a few nice things just because.

The devil loves to hate us during ALL OF THESE TIMES.

The minute there is a crack in your soul, he pounces, ready to fill that crack with despair until the crack widens, and his poison inundates your entire being.  He loves to whisper doubts into your mind.  He loves to sweet talk you with past transgressions that you’ve worked hard to overcome.  He loves to caress you with those skeletons you’ve tucked into your closet nice and neat.

The minute there is jubilation in your life and you say, “Thank you, God,” he’s there, smiling, waiting to immediately rock your foundation so that you can say, “Why can’t my happiness last longer than a minute.”  He’s there, waiting to make you say, “Why even try to be happy when something bad lurks right around the corner.”  He’s aching to destroy your victories so that at the end of the day, you just say, “Forget it.  There’s no point in trying.  You want me?  You want me broken?  Fine.  You got me.”

This is why we must stay the course.  This is why we must continuously have God first in our life, looking toward Him for guidance, utilizing His ways in our life.

We must be vigilant.

We must be tireless.

We must be survivors to what the devil wants to accomplish.

He wants us in that wilderness, like Jesus.  He wants to tempt us like he did Jesus.  He wants us to falter like Jesus did not do.  He wants us to succumb like Jesus did not do.

But he can’t have us.

He won’t have us because we’re God’s children.  Because Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and because we have them in our lives, no weapon formed against us – even by the devil – shall prosper.

We are more than warriors.

We are conquerors.

And we can most certainly conquer the devil.

This doesn’t mean that all our days will be sunny.  This doesn’t mean that we’ll never want to give up.  This doesn’t mean the tears will cease falling.

What it does mean is with the most powerful Father and Son, we can persevere, we can move past, we can move on, and we can reach our destiny and glory – despite all the obstacles that try to take us down.


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