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ChickLitGurrl Interviews Strebor Books Author Shelley Halima August 4, 2008

Today, over at ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING, I’m interviewing Shelley Halima, author of BLINDING MIRROR.

Check out an excerpt of the interview!


CLG: Talk to us about the writing process for BLINDING MIRROR. Was it a fast write? Was it more difficult than your previous two novels? Did the darkness of the material slow the writing process?

SH: Blinding Mirror was definitely a more difficult write than the first two novels. I’m very familiar with the cultures represented in AM and LM but with Blinding Mirror, I had the challenge to writing about some cultures and lifestyles of which I knew nothing of and to do so in a convincing fashion. The darkness of the character Olivia didn’t slow the process at all. In fact it was a great spark. Just as some actors find it more appealing and more of a challenge to portray dark characters, I as a writer felt the same way about writing the dark character.

CLG: How has your work in screenwriting and movies influenced your novel writing — or has it?

SH: Really I think my novel writing influenced the screenwriting. With some great advice from a couple of actors I learned to bring certain subtleties into play in the screenplay. I had to learn to not SAY but to SHOW through actions and imagery as I did in my novel writing.

CLG: You’re going on vacation, and you’re only allowed to take three books with you — what are they, and why these three?

SH: It by Stephen King, Jubilee by Margaret Walker and Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean R. Koontz. These are probably my top books of all time. It because it frightened me so with the improbable, Jubilee because I felt like I was transported back in time and could feel the pain and joy of those who were enslaved and then set free, and Dark Rivers because even though it was fiction it was chilling in its truth in how things are going on right now. All I can say is Patriot Act.

Want to read the rest of the interview? Then head over to ChickLitGurrl NOW (LINK)!


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