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EMPTY SWINGS is DONE! August 1, 2008

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I am so unbelievably stoked right now. I just wrote the final words to EMPTY SWINGS. I’m sad and happy.

Madison, my main character, has been with me since 2003/2004.  She starred in a short story at the time – a short story that would give me my second best fiction workshop.

I had thought about her – off and on – since then, and when I decided to write a Christian novel, her story came back to me, and I decided she deserved more room to grow.

And that she did.

She grew into a friend and a story that I’m pretty proud to have written.

I loved her, the little town of Whispering Pines with its Soap Opera Washateria and colorful characters.

Something tells me that though this is the end of Madison’s story, I’m not done with Whispering Pines and its assorted characters.

Off to do a happy happy joy joy dance and smile a little bit, 🙂


3 Responses to “EMPTY SWINGS is DONE!”

  1. Jennifer C. Says:

    I am so happy for you. I’m doing the happy dance with you. I can’t wait to read it. Especially since the short story had me feeling emotions that I surely didn’t want to feel.

  2. Thanks, sis. Shoot, as I was writing this book, I was crying and feeling things I didn’t want to feel! LOL

  3. Darnetta Says:


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