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CLG Interviews Strebor Author Marsha Jenkins-Sanders July 28, 2008

Today, over at ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING, I’m interviewing Marsha Jenkins-Sanders, author of JEALOUSY.

Check out an excerpt of the interview!


CLG: What themes, topics will readers find between the pages of JEALOUSY?
MJS: Jealousy is a volatile and destructive emotion, if left unchecked. It has been the driving force behind many homicides, abusive relationships, etc. The book can help shine a light on several topics: domestic abuse, child abuse, relationship issues, and insecurity.

CLG: Marsha Jenkins-Sanders: THE SOUNDTRACK! What TWO tracks would make it onto a soundtrack of your life, and why?
MJS: Never would have made it…Marvin Sapp, The Battle is not yours…Yolanda Adams! My life has been a roller coaster ride and my faith has been tested. God has seen me through many battles and brought me out of the “fiery furnace” unscathed. I am a better person because of these challenges, but never would have made it without HIS guidance, mercy, grace and love.

CLG: Who is ONE of your favorite writers, and how does he/she inspire you as a writer?
MJS: I really enjoy Terry McMillan. Her “voice” is so familiar and my life’s circumstances can relate.

Want to read the rest of the interview? Then head over to ChickLitGurrl NOW (LINK)!


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