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BEYOND GIDDY, and I can’t wait until the day when writing becomes my full-time profession. These last two weeks have been KICK ASS for me. Since I’ve created my calendar and have adhered to it, I have kept myself actually almost a week ahead of schedule. Today, here it is, a little before seven, and I’ve done my writing for today – 3,000 words. I have two more chapters to write of EMPTY SWINGS! My goal was to have it done by NEXT Saturday….yeah, It’ll be done by MONDAY for sure. 🙂

Then it’s on to working on the synopsis (thank God I wrote an outline so that can help there) and put together my query letter (which I’ve been making notes on), and revise the first three chapters…then the novel before I put it out there.

Something tells me this is one of the novel – it’ll be one that somebody will finally say, This is good, and I want to publish it. Not to knock my other stuff because I LOVE everything I’ve written, and in regards to literature, many of those pieces are much stronger, but this one…*nodding*…it’s writing itself…scratch that, God’s writing it, and He don’t make no junk! LOL


One Response to “NEW WRITING UPDATE”

  1. Darnetta Says:

    I’m happy for you!!!

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