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When Creativity Knocks… May 9, 2008

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…one should obviously answer the door, right? Well, I’d think that, too, but the last 16 weeks have been a major rollercoaster in my life, and unfortunately, my writing…my creativity has taken a MAJOR backseat to life’s goings on.

I’m hoping to rectify that soon. My brain already knows that the semester is winding down, and it’s already beginning to spawn more ideas for me to work on…now, I need some quiet time to actually sit, think, and try to write.

This is supposed to be my passion, the real reason I feel like I was placed on this earth. If that’s the case, then aren’t I doing a disservice by sitting on my ass and doing nothing?

I think so. Time to get some work done, guys. My destiny is calling.


2 Responses to “When Creativity Knocks…”

  1. ldholtner Says:

    Ahhhhhh the rigors of the end of the semester……I remember with some fondness and disdain what it was like being a student in college. I have just finished my latest blog entry about the frustrations of working and trying to make time for my book. I know the pressures of finals week and college life in general can take your energy. My advice is don’t divide your focus. The sooner the school bull is done, the sooner you can devote your UNDIVIDED attention to your writing, which will make it all the more better.

    L.D. Holtner

  2. Today, I’m in my office, waiting for a few students to show up; some of these students I have not seen in a few days…some-weeks. NOW, the last day of class, they want my assistance. It’s tiresome. I have five finals to give next week and a host of other end-of-the-semester things to take care of by the end of next week.

    I’m just ecstatic that today is the last official day of classes. Next week, it’s all about sitting in the classroom while the students show ME what they are made of!

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